Professional Asphalt Shingle Installation

Professional asphalt shingle installation contractor hiring tips.

A new asphalt shingle roof is a major investment, typically costing thousands of dollars, so you should prepare well to select a contractor that will do the job well. Here are some tips into the selection process:

You should look for a roofing contractor who has been in business for a long period of time and can provide references that establishes a proven track record.

You should contact the roofer as soon as possible. Especially the best roofers, those that get word of mouth recommendations, get booked even up to a year in advance.

When asking for references, you should ask for names and addresses of references so you can establish the credentials yourself.

Once you get references, you should check up on them. On these references, you should check the water gaps that line up straight as they alternate shingle rows.

You should also look at that there are trimmed shingles aligning with the roof's edge.

Many take the time to check at least two references and ask if they would use the roofer again and what potential problems they have had with the work after the installation.

Another very important point about the contractor's business is that you need to verify that the roofer carries at least $1 million of liability insurance and workers' compensation coverage.

If the references check out the estimate that you ask from them should be free.

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