Asphalt Seal Coating Equipment

Asphalt seal coating equipment includes heat lances, melter / applicators, asphalt sealcoating spray equipment and asphalt crack fillers.

Choosing the correct equipment for sealcoating is a major factor in most businesses that want to remain profitable and successful in the seal coating business.

Many of the equipment selections may depend on the types of projects you are going to do. For example, if the projects are mainly residential in nature, there may not be a need for a large sealcoating tank or a pressurized spary system.

In comparison, if you are going to be working on commercial seal coat applications, there may emerge a need for a larger sealcoating equipment tank including a trailer set-up .

In terms of the tank, its capacity is an important decision as is the decision on which sealcoating tank type you are going for. In terms of capacity, there are seal coating manufactures providing good discounts when you order more than 300 gallons of sealcoat at one order.

Another consideration in the process is the trailer/truck used to haul the sealcoating equipment.

Coal emulsion sealcoat liquid weighs normally about 9 pounds per gallon. To that, you need to add the empty weight of your spray equipment for an overall estimate of the axle capacity needed to do the job adequately.

You will also need Asphalt seal coating equipment with the ability to apply the sealcoating material. Many asphalt sealcoaters use the popular spray application method, which has been proved productive and profitable in many seal coating projects.

Spraying the sealcoating material gives you flexibility and options in pumping the material with a hose wand and with a squeegee provide coverage in tighter areas where the hose wand is unable to be used.

A standard feature on many sealcoat sprayers is that they allow users to draw sealers from other sealcoat tanks into the main spray tank.

When you're doing comparisons for the best asphalt sealcoating equipment for your needs, remember to stress the importance of application features and design.

Cost, as always, is an important feature when purchasing sealcoating equipment, but in these types of products cheaper is not always better.

Some of the online stores that can walk you through the purchasing process that will meet your needs include:


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