Asphalt Roof Cleaner

Asphalt roof cleaner companies are commonly used, not only to clean asphalt roofs, but to prevent staining, and do maintenance on such preventive measures.

Most common of the asphalt roof problems are caused by the blue-green algae which is called Gloeocapsa Magma.

Over the past 25 years this strain of algae has migrated to less humid environments of the United States and it is commonly found across 80% of the United States.

Subsequently, much of the preventive coatings and cleaning in the case that the problems are already widespread have to do with this particular algae type.

If the homeowner does preventive work on the roof with a cleaning company, once the roof has been cleaned and rinsed, the roof is typically treated with a stain blocker solution.

Maintenance coats for such work are typically re-applied about every 2-3 years.

However, frequency of such maintenance coats will depend on many factors that include climate, orientation of the roof, and surrounding trees that keep direct sun off the roof.

There are even cases where the maintenance coats may need to be applied yearly or may only be needed once every five years. You need to discuss your houses particular needs.

Typically, the more humid the climate the faster stains will occur on asphalt roofs or the faster they will return.

Of the areas, Southeast asphalt roofs are more prone to the staining while Midwest it often takes longer before stains become apparent.

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