Asphalt Roller

Asphalt roller is asphalt crew equipment used to compress and mold the asphalt concrete into its final form.

Leeboy Roller

The way these rollers work is that they are very heavy and uses vibration to compress the areas of unpaved asphalt that has been laid in front of the roller.

The controls of these rollers are typically very simple, which allows for even summer interns at asphalt crews to operate them.

However, there is a high degree of skill involved in operating in the rollers, as the end product needs to be evenly compressed to its needed form with no notable signs left of the roller usage beyond an even surface.

For those areas that are non-accessible for larger asphalt pavers, the asphalt crews need to use asphalt plate compactors:

Vibco Plate Compactor

These hand operated compactors also use the vibrating effect for the compression of the asphalt, as well as being very heavy.

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