Asphalt Recycled

Asphalt recycled is one of the most reused materials in the United States, as some 80 percent of the yearly removed pavement is reused, according to United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The drive towards increased use of reused asphalt has been due to increased landfill and because landfills become more heavily regulated.

It has become economically smart to dispose of asphalt by reusing it in blacktop paving.

As a material, the recycled asphalt can provide an economical alternative to new asphalt.

As for potential for using the recycled asphalt, Department of Transportation rules currently allow for any level of recycled material to be used in mixes.

However, the normal performance requirements still need to be satisfied for such mixes.

The needed mixes of recycled asphalt depend on the specific requirements of the project and the characteristics of the recycled material that will be used for the mix.

In many cases, recycled asphalt has the potential to reduce overall paving costs significantly.

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