Asphalt Plants for Sale

Asphalt plants for sale include used plants and brand new ones from around the world.

The good thing about the asphalt manufacturing process is that it is the same or almost the same around the world. Thus, you can find used asphalt plants from almost all corners of the world that can be adapted to your local conditions, if need be.

However, the transfer process of a used or new for that matter, asphalt plant from one country to another is a very labour intensive process, as there is a need to transfer the plant in smaller components and then re-assemble it at the destination.

The components of a typical asphalt plant that need transfer and assembly at destination include:

  • Aggregate Feed Bins to the Asphalt Plant
  • Collecting Conveyor
  • Scalping Screen (with respect to Asphalt Plants)
  • Drum Feed Conveyor
  • Asphalt Plant Burner
  • Asphalt Plant Drum Mixer
  • Air Filtration Baghouse (environmental)
  • Asphalt Plant Slat/Bucket Conveyor
  • Hot Mix Storage Silos
  • Asphalt Cement Storage Tank

    Therefore, you should always get the final price of any asphalt plant as delivered to your destination, including the transfer process and final assembly and any cross border taxes.

    Typically, you need to contact companies that specialize in asphalt equipment sales to find available asphalt plants as well.

    If these asphalt equipment sellers don't have asphalt plants available themselves (they often don't), they normally can acts as the go-between for your purchase from elsewhere, making the process easier and then you also have a local contact to go to if you have a problem with the purchase.

    Internet has made available several sources that can help you find an asphalt plant if there are no equipment sellers locally.

    Some of the companies that should be able to help you out include:

  • (their website includes excellent advice on choosing an asphalt plant)

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