Asphalt Paving Sealer

Asphalt paving sealer prolongs the life of new and old asphalt pavements.

This is a big deal, because a typical investment in a blacktop pavement easily runs into the tens of thousands of dollars for larger projects and prolonging the useful life by even a few years will improve the investment return considerably.

Sealer does the protection in many ways. For one, it seals the asphalt against water damage, which keeps the pavement's base sound, and reducing the probability of cracks and holes in the blacktop.

Also, it retards oxidation and deterioration of the asphalt under use. How much sealer can help with this depends on a number of things, of which surrounding climate is an important factor.

All in all, a sealer not only increases useful age of the asphalt, but it also reduces maintenance costs over years.

Furthermore, if your project is not too complicated or large, you can do much or all of the sealing work yourself and thus saving money in comparison to using an asphalt contractor to do it for you.

Sealers are typically applied by a brush, a squeegee, a roller or with an airless spray equipment.

There are many sealers available out there. One of the more popular ones is a solvent based asphalt sealer consisting of SWEPCO's "Heart of Texas" and Tri-Mastic 49 Asphalts.

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