Asphalt Paving Prices

Asphalt paving prices depend on a variety of factors, including the price of oil, labor costs of asphalt workers, and how big your project to be paved is.

Asphalt manufacturing is based on petroleum by-products, making the price of asphalt used on roads dependent on the price of oil.

The correlation is high even though the asphalt based part of pavement is only 5% of net weight of the stuff (aggregates such as rocks make up the remaining 95%).

Another thing is the labor costs.

Asphalt crew members have typically been in the profession for years and get very good salaries, especially in areas where the available season for paving the roads is short due to weather not permitting work.

The labor costs change very slowly and much in unison with overall price inflation.

More important for your projects asphalt prices are factors dependent on your projects size and location as well as distance from the asphalt plant, how much ground work is needed to prepare the area for asphalt pavement, and the asphalt type you choose.

Asphalt needs to be applied and molded to the ground when it is still hot, so the distance from the asphalt plant cannot be too long. Also, the longer the distance, the more costs there will be for you as the asphalt crew (which may contain as many as 5 workmen or more) relocates to do your project.

The bigger the size of your project, the cheaper the per square feet price will likely be, all else being equal. Thus, it makes sense to group neighbors together to pave all your driveways at the same time to get your project size bigger.

The ground under the asphalt is an important thing in the process and needs to be moulded to suit bringing blacktop on top of it. The more this type of preparatory work your location needs, the more expensive the project will be.

Also, the type of asphalt you choose is going to make a difference in the final asphalt price. There are major differences between different asphalt types, in terms of durability, for example. Also, you might opt for a colored asphalt, which is much more expensive than traditional blacktop.

Finally, many asphalt contractors will give you early payment discounts, especially if they have agreed to give you a long base payment period.

These discounts are often in the range of 1 percent of the total costs.

To find out how asphalt prices have changed on state level recently, the asphalt paving prices chart from the California Department of Transportation gives a nice comparison table for recent changes:

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