Asphalt Paving Machines

Asphalt paving machines spread the hot mix asphalt material evenly in a cost-efficient fashion.

These machines are called by different names, including typically pavers, such as this (via Clemmons Equipment, Inc that sells used pavers):

Companies that make pavers and other related equipment for road paving include Barber Greene, BlawKnox, Caterpillar, Ingersoll, Cedarapids, Allatt, Roadtec, Wirtgen, Dynapac, Bomag, and Hyster.

In addition to pavers that function on tracks (such as the one on the picture above), there are also pavers that have tires.

There is normally at least one person operating the paver, and his responsibility is to make sure that the asphalt is distributed at agreed upon thickness and width, as well as that the lorries that transport the material bring the correct amount, at the right time, and of the correct mix.

This is also why this person often is the on-the-job manager, due to the mission critical aspect of managing the distribution of the asphalt.

Once the asphalt is distributed, the rest of the workcrew will make sure the asphalt is as even as possible, taking away too big rocks, and the asphalt is then pressed into the final form with asphalt rollers.

As long as the asphalt is still hot, the material is taking its final shape, which also means the asphalt crew needs to keep cars and other traffic out of the hot asphalt until it is safe to do so.

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