Asphalt Paving Cost

A look into the components of asphalt paving cost for a typical project.

One of the most important things that will affect the price per square feet is the size of the project.

This is because the fixed costs of manufacturing and delivering the asphalt to a location are quite high, and thus the larger the project, the smaller usually the costs per square feet are.

The fixed costs for asphalt include minimum amount of asphalt that needs to be produced with each turn of the asphalt plant and the asphalt crew, which has a fixed size.

A typical asphalt crew has a fixed size of around five crew members, which quickly figures into your projects costs.

For example, if the crew needs to move half an hour drive to your project, that already generates 2.5 man-hours of costs for the company, before anything has even been laid to the ground.

The condition of the ground that is below the asphalt layer is a component to the costs as well.

It is common that a separate, preparatory crew needs to take care of the ground and soil, to make it such that the asphalt can be laid on top of it and that the water runs in right directions once it is compressed onto the top of the soil layer.

This preparatory crew typically has around two persons working on it, with heavy machinery used to move and prepare the soil.

Another thing that figures into the asphalt paving cost is the type of asphalt you choose for your project.

Typically, the asphalt contractor will recommend a layer that is appropriate for your location, with the estimated amount of usage in mind.

You may ask for the alternatives to the default option, and there are typically pricier options, including colored asphalt.

You also need to consider when you contact the asphalt contractor for your project, as that may have an effect on the price as well.

Asphalt cannot be distributed on a ground that is frozen nor on snowy surface, meaning that regions that have more severe winters have shorter periods of time when the asphalt can be laid to projects.

Therefore, the later you typically leave contacting the asphalt contractors in such regions, the more booked they are for the season, and the more you have to pay to get your project included in the schedule.

You also need to contact several asphalt contractors for quotes for the same reason alone, because some contractors are likely to have more bookings than others, and the pricings may reflect these differences.

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