Asphalt Pad

Asphalt pad is great for protecting your elbows and knees from asphalt.

The most common sports where pads for protection from asphalt are used include skateboarding, in-line skating, biking, basketball, and some use them in tennis.

These pads are especially useful in the introductory phase of learning the sport, where you learn by doing (and mistakes).

When you have a situation where there is an increased likelihood of getting in contact with asphalt, especially with high speed, you should look for head protection in addition to getting the pads for knees and elbows.

Also, good shoes and gloves can provide additional protection from the asphalt.

Many online stores, such as the ones below, sell all types of pads, which can be used cross different sports (even though they are designated for a particular sport):

When purchasing a set of protective pads, remember that they need to withstand asphalt. Most pads for indoor use cannot take hits from asphalt, so it is best to avoid them for outdoor use.

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