Asphalt Oil Shipping Container

Asphalt oil shipping container is often special made to the transport of asphalt oil or bitumen.

The hydrocarbon material that forms the basis for asphalt is derived from the waste material left over after the manufacture of gasoline, kerosene and diesel fuels.

Of these by-products, bitumen is often referred to as asphalt oil.

The shipping companies and cargo specialists normally use similar types of containers for shipping bulk liquid, including bitumen.

A particular type might be used for shipping asphalt cement aboard sea-going vessels.

The containers need insulation capable enough of maintaining the asphalt in a liquid state for days without additional heating.

There are more advanced versions, however.

These versions have provisions made for heating, which are very useful for very long shipping periods.

In one version of these, there is a heating coil through which hot oil can be pumped to restore heat.

Another one has a fire tube and mounting inlet for a burner.

Normally, a shipping container of this type has a capacity of some 5,200 U.S. gallons (19,683 liters) per container.

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