Asphalt Marini

Asphalt Marini is an Italian manufacturer of road building equipment and asphalt plants.

The company was founded in Alfonsine, Italy, back in 1899, by first producing bicycles, motor-cycles, as well as motor bikes.

However, by 1920s, Marini S.p.a was already playing an important role in the development of motorization and the recovery of the road building and maintenance industry.

The company started transforming its manufactured motors to industrial use and for road maintenance.

1930s saw the first Marini plant design for the production of emulsion, and a small rotating dryer drum with internal flight system.

Strong growth and product development for the road construction industry continued, and by the 1960s the company had developed the first asphalt plants that were capable of producing 120 t/h,

In the 1970s, Marini started producing chipping spreaders, paver finishers, and the first cold milling machines.

1980s saw the company enter the recyclable asphalt market with one of the first designs, the A.R.T. 220 Asphalt Recycling Travelplant.

Similarly, another novel introduction to the asphalt industry came in the 1990s with the EMCC, which is a contra-flow continuous mix plant.

Having been independent for nearly a hundred years, the company attracted a French buyer, FAYAT Group, in 1988, with head offices in Bordeaux, France.

Marini of today employs some 350 people, with offices and main production factory located in Alfonsine (Ravenna), Italy.

The company has a website at, from where you can find more about the company's lineup of products, available for international delivery.

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