Asphalt Magazine

Asphalt magazine products available include Better Roads, Asphalt Contractor Magazine, and Asphalt Institute: Asphalt.

Better Roads

Better Roads is aimed at governments and the segment of construction contractors that are involved in Federal, State, County, City and Township highway, road and bridge construction, winter maintenance, roadside and other highway-related projects.

On top of providing an information source and forum for the people involved in these types of projects, the magazine also provides special issues of the magazine, which are aimed at specific types of contractors, such as those working with asphalt projects.

In the past, for example, the special issues for asphalt contractors have had articles on online training for asphalt workers, review of the NCAT test track findings, and how companies are designing quiet pavements with asphalt.

Better Roads is published by the Randall-Reilly Publishing Company.

Asphalt Contractor Magazine

The Asphalt Contractor magazine is a publication for asphalt material producers, highway contractors, as well as public works officials.

The magazine aims to offer "how-to" information on issues relating to new ways of asphalt production, paving, and compaction.

The magazine also deals with issues relating to the development of the asphalt equipment.

Asphalt Institute: Asphalt

This magazine is the official publication of the Asphalt Institute, and the magazine also has an online version at

The magazine focuses on the applied and practical aspects of asphalt technology.

Each issues of the magazine is distributed to over 20,000 readers, and the online version also has a abbreviated newsletter version of the publication, that has over 12,000 readers.

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