Asphalt Jobs

Asphalt jobs offer good pay, but the work is dependent on the weather and the hours can be long and some of the work can be done during less trafficked nighly hours.

Some of the work is highly skilled, such as operating the pavers that distribute asphalt to the ground. Other positions require less skill and are great entry positions for getting into asphalt work.

The categories of work available in the asphalt industry include:

  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Management
  • Plant Crew
  • Technologists
  • Paving Crew

Of these, administration and management handle the back-office operations of booking the work for work crews, handling salaries, and similar functions.

Engineering functions are typically available for the bigger asphalt companies that do product development in-house. Similarly, technologists work in product development, typically for the bigger asphalt companies.

  • Asphalt Jobs - Plant Crew

    It typically takes a team of asphalt workers at the asphalt plant to produce Hot Mix Asphalt. Work ranges from loading the right aggregate mix to testing material samples for quality control, and every step in the production process is crucial to the finished product.

    Also, the work includes maintenance of the plant equipment, which may require special skills from some of the members of the crew at the plant.

    The titles of the people working at asphalt plants include:

    • Plant Crew Member
    • Plant Operator
    • Loader Operator
    • Plant Foreman
    • Plant Superintendent
    • Quality Control Technician – Plant

  • Asphalt Jobs - Paving Crew

    The real heroes of the industry are the Hot Mix Asphalt road crew members. Delivering the final product under tight time constraints for the most eye-pleasing results is an rewarding experience in itself, plus the pay for the workers is very competitive.

    The titles of people working for the paving crew include:

    • Truck Driver
    • Dump Person
    • Material Transfer Vehicle Operator
    • Paver Operator
    • Screed Operator
    • Traffic Control/Flagger
    • Lute Person
    • Roller Operator
    • Paving Foreman
    • Paving Superintendent
    • Quality control technician - roadway

    Finding Asphalt Jobs

    The major job sites, such as and also provide offers for employment within the asphalt industry.

    However, some have found it useful to ringing the companies directly, especially as the peak period for asphalt industry, the summer months, are getting closer.

    There are also asphalt industry specific job sites that offer information on available positions in this exciting industry.

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