Asphalt Hot Box

Asphalt hot box is a movable box that keeps the asphalt warm.

These systems are manufactured to allow for the opportunity to make cold asphalt material hot and ready to use in some 30 minutes.

Most manufacturers of these boxes, such as A.R.S. products, allow portable heaters to be used as a heat source.

These hot boxes are used by repair companies to allow for true hot asphalt repairs anytime and anywhere.

Some have even made a business for themselves going around regions offering asphalt patching services with the aid of these movable asphalt re-heaters.

This is because most of the hot boxes are possible to install in the bed of a pickup or on a small trailer for easy transportation to any location.

Normally, asphalt needs to be distributed while it is hot, as it gets it's final form when it gets cold. With these boxes, the asphalt, although in small amounts, stays distributable throughout the period which the heater is used.

Also, normally you'd need a couple of people to complete the asphalt, work, while the box system allows a single worker to complete a typical repair with warm asphalt material.

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