Asphalt Equipment

Asphalt equipment range from asphalt plant to rollers and distributors.

The biggest and the most important of the asphalt equipment is the asphalt plant, which produces the hot mix asphalt that is distributed with the other equipment to driveways.

The asphalt plant mixes the elements that go into asphalt.

The first of these elements is aggregates (crushed stone, gravel, and sand). These aggregates are about 95% of the total weight of an asphalt pavement.

The remaining 5% is Asphalt Cement, black liquid that acts as the glue to hold the pavement together.

Asphalt Cement (AC) is a petroleum product generally obtained from the same refineries that produce gasoline for your car.

The Range of Available Asphalt Equipment

Once the asphalt is produced in the asphalt plant, it needs to be delivered into the final destination (which is normally close to the asphalt plant as the Hot Mix Asphalt needs to be used while it is hot. If it gets cool, it's no longer suitable for paving.)

Asphalt trucks are used for the delivery and asphalt workmen use pavers as well as shovels to distribute the material to the ground.

The Hot Mix Asphalt is the molded into the final format by rollers, making the final product compact and durable.

As an exemplary list, the range of equipment used in asphalt manufacturing include:

  • A.C. Tanks (manufacturers include REI)
  • Bag Houses (manufacturers include Caterpillar, H & B, Stansteel, and Aero Pulse)
  • Batch Plants (manufacturers include Barber Greene)
  • Bucket Elevators
  • Burners (manufacturers include Genco)
  • Cold Feed Bins
  • Control Systems (manufacturers include Bituma)
  • Distributors
  • Drummix Plants
  • Drums and Dryers
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Hot Oil Heaters
  • Mineral Silos and Accessories (manufacturers include Peabody)
  • Pavers (manufacturers include Barber Greene, Blaw Knox, and Vogele)
  • Plant Components
  • Rap Systems
  • Recycling
  • Rollers
  • Scales
  • Screens
  • Silos and Slats (manufacturers include Standard Havens and WRT)
  • Shovels and brushes
  • Asphalt Trucks

  • Getting the Best Deals for Asphalt Equipment

    If you're unsure about your asphalt equipment needs, there are several firms that can offer consulting.

    In addition to buying new equipment, there is ample supply of used asphalt equipment, as well as options for renting out equipment.

    The dealers for heavy construction machinery are some of the best sources off-line for finding deals on asphalt construction equipment.

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