Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coatings

Asphalt emulsion roof coatings provide a versatile protective roof and waterproofing coating.

For an even better finish, you can use the asphalt emulsion products together with polyester for a complete roof restoration.

The end result, if applied correctly, including a correct amount of emulsion per square feet, is a “like new” appearance on cracked & uneven roof.

Many of the coatings done with asphalt emulsion provide a “breathable” film that resists water, cracking and blistering well into the future of the roofing.

Popular brands in this category are Black Jack Gardner, Henry, and Dewitts's Pro Asphalt Emulsion Roof Coating.

The Dewitts Pro product has been very popular in use.

The product is recommended by the company as a roof coating in all area subject to unusually severe moisture conditions such as valleys, around roof drains, low spots, or in any area where water is expected to be trapped on a roof.

You can use it even on applications including concrete and masonry exterior walls and over most metals for rust and corrosion protection.

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