Asphalt Driveway Prices

Asphalt driveway prices are dependent on several factors, including how long away from the asphalt factory your driveway is located.

There are limits as to how long the asphalt companies can deliver asphalt, which needs to be spread when it is still of certain temperature.

The size of the driveway is also a factor. The bigger the area, the smaller the price per square feet, all else being equal. This is why you should ask your neighbors to do their driveway at the same time to pool your area for a smaller per square feet overall price.

Another thing that will affect prices is the condition of the base under the area that will be paved. If the base needs a lot of work, that will increase the price substantially, as the company will need to move equipment and crew to prepare the base.

Finally, the type of asphalt you would like to use or needs to be used will affect the price. Sometimes a certain type of asphalt needs to be used, due to heavy traffic, for example.

There are special asphalt types, such as quiet asphalt and colored asphalt, types which will cost more per square feet, if you choose to use them and they are an option.

The best idea to getting a range of prices is to get several contractors to take a look at your driveway and give you a written quote and a timetable.

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