Asphalt Driveway Paving Cost

Tips on reducing asphalt driveway paving cost .

There are several ways to decrease the price of the blacktop as calculated per square feet.

For the first, you should research the types of asphalt available and which one corresponds to your budget needs.

If you're thinking about going with colored asphalt, your other options are more likely to be much more cheap.

Also, if recycled asphalt is a viable option, you can save a lot by using that, even as it is not hot mix asphalt as such, but rather asphalt gravel with unique features.

The size of the project to be paved with asphalt is an important thing in the price calculations. As a general rule, the bigger the area to be paved, the smaller the price.

This is because there are lots of fixed costs associated with bringing the asphalt crew and equipment. Also, many asphalt plants cannot do fractional loads to the lorries, so the asphalt companies have minimum quantities regarding the actual asphalt.

One of the ways to increase your area to be paved include talking to your neighbors and getting several of you to pave your driveways at the same time, thus increasing the size considerably.

In same fashion, to reduce asphalt driveway paving cost, if there is already an asphalt crew nearby, you can contact the company and the other area will carry some of the fixed costs associated, meaning you should be able to get an attractively priced quote for your driveway.

Also, if you live in a region that has a long winter with snow, timing is also a factor in getting the best price.

The asphalt paving time for colder regions is during the summer, and if you leave it to the last minute to try to get a contractor to do your driveway, the more likely it is that you pay extra for the company fitting you into their schedule.

Asphalt companies also like to clump and schedule doing their paving projects by areas, so that the asphalt crew does all the projects in one area at certain time-frame and goes onto a new area next.

Normally, there is not much of the actual asphalt work that you could do yourself to decrease the costs associated with paving a driveway.

As for paying for the work done, many companies give plenty of time to pay the bill, and will have discounted price if you pay early. Always ask for this in advance though.

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