Asphalt Driveway Cost

Asphalt driveway cost can be negotiated with the contractor to a certain extent.

However, the contractors bottom price consists out of fixed and variable costs that come out of the equipment and crew that has to follow the asphalt making process whatever the size of the project.

Therefore, if you have a small driveway, you may be surprised at the total cost of the driveway as paved.

You can't do anything about the fixed costs associated with the contractors operations (and most locations don't have contractors that are specialized for small asphalt projects).

However, you can decrease the price for your driveway in several ways.

For one, you can get together with other unpaved driveway owners in the neighborhood and ask for a quote for all of the driveways paved. This way, the fixed costs are spread evenly on all the projects, and each will have a discounted price.

Also, you should get quotes from as many companies as possible.

This is because some of the companies may have asphalt plants nearer to you than others, and your driveways distance from the asphalt plant is a major factor in the price you pay for the paving work.

The sooner you contact the contractor, the better. If the contractors need to accommodate your project at the last minute to their schedules, you normally have to pay extra, even a lot more.

Finally, many companies offer discounts to those homeowners that pay for their paving projects sooner than what the terms of the bill dictate.

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