Asphalt Drive Way

Asphalt drive way is one way to increase the value of your real estate and make it look good and easily maintainable.

A well made and well maintained blacktop driveway adds a degree of curb appeal to a house, and as there are even colored asphalt options available, you can even try designer colors to improve the driveway's appeal.

The basic black works, however, most often the best.

There are several things to consider when starting an asphalt project for your driveway.

For one, you need to consider the design of the asphalt to make it last, according to Asphalt Institute, up to 20 years.

There are two parts to the design, the base, and the pavement itself. The ground soil base below the actual layer that needs to withstand usage needs to be even, smooth, and firm, as well as free of organic material and topsoil.

Usually, before the asphalt crew arrives, a groundworking crew will prepare the ground, if needed, to the preparatory form that supports the asphalt layer.

On top of the ground subgrade comes a crushed granula aggregate base.

There are few things to consider about the asphalt pavement layer as well. For one, you need to consider thickness and the asphalt compaction in the pavement layer.

For the asphalt layer, there are minimum required levels of thickness, depending on your areas regulations, so you must be familiar with them.

Also, the drainage of the asphalt layer is very important, and should be arranged so that there are no pools of water in the finished product.

This drainage is designed into the finished product in the base preparation base, with slopes that direct the water away from buildings, for example.

A good quality finished asphalt paveway will also depend on the materials used, which depend much, for example, on the type and amount of traffic the blacktop is likely to see over its lifetime.

Its also important to use reputable firms that have a history of good standing and can provide references of finished works done the way you want it done.

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