Asphalt Cutback Sealer Equipment

Asphalt cutback sealer equipment is usually available from the same companies that supply the spreader trucks that asphalt cutbacks are applied by.

On that note, it is normally not recommended to use asphalt cutbacks with tack pots or spread with a hand wand.

One of the companies that supply products in this category is Telfer companies. Their website is located at

To find a good list of companies in this category of asphalt products and manufacture, the MacRae's Blue Book is really useful and lists several companies under asphalt cutbacks.

The website for the asphalt directory of MacRae is, with the best match on the directory coming from Asphalt Equipment & Service Co (1531 20th St NW, Auburn, WA , 98001-3422, Phone: 253-939-4150).

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