Asphalt Cold Milling Machine

Asphalt cold milling machine has become a great tool for removing asphalt layers, performing utility maintenance cuts, and ripping out roadways to repair foundations.

The truth is, the combination of multiple capabilities and infrastructure that is basically worsening by the day is been a contributing factor to a major boom on asphalt cold mill sales in the recent history.

Despite the trend, only 20 percent of asphalt contractors in the US own and operate their own cold milling machines.

Most, in fact, subcontract this work to the ones that have these capabilities.

There are several reason why cold milling has not become more popular. For one, a milling machine costs some $300,000 or more, which is a great multiple on many other pieces of asphalt paving equipment, like the $100,000 asphalt paver.

The subcontracting route leaves far more leeway on finances, which is important to any company, and a start up paving company for certain.

One of the leading manufacturers of these cold milling machines is BOMAG, of Germany.

As the company puts it, the BOMAG cold milling machines are designed for selective milling of lane and ground linings from the widest range of asphalt and concrete compounds.

The different models are suited for repairs or complete removal of motorways and major federal roads or for agricultural roads and inner-city work including work on roundabouts.

With different working widths and a maximum milling depth of 320 mm, large areas can be quickly and completely removed in one work stage.

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