Asphalt Calculator

Asphalt calculator resources can be used to estimate the amount of asphalt needed, as well as the estimated cost associated.

To get to the final cost as installed, you need to contact the companies that lay the asphalt, as the material costs are only half the picture, and each company will have a different fixed costs profile.

Hot-Mix Asphalt Material Calculator

With this calculator, you can calculate the approximate numbers of tons of hot mix asphalt needed for your project. To get more accurate calculations, you should contact the asphalt companies directly for assistance in formulating a more accurate estimate.

Graymont Web Calculator for estimating asphalt or concrete

Graymont's calculator can assist you in estimating the amount of material needed to pave your project with hot mix asphalt.

Peckham II Material Calculator

To use the Peckham asphalt material calculator, simply enter the width, length, and thickness desired. Next, click on the calculate button. The calculator will estimate the number of tons of asphalt that will be required.

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