Arizona Landscape Contractor

Arizona landscape contractor industry has an umbrella association called the Arizona Landscape Contractor Association.

The association is a trade association that has the primary aim of providing education and government representation.

One of the main aims of the association is to help landscape contractors understand and keep up to date on the changes in rules, regulations, policies and procedures of regulatory bodies.

They also help landscape contractors to reduce the costs of doing business via effective Workers’ Compensation Insurance as well as health care insurance programs.

The association also provides a newsletter which is one of the ways in which the data and information gathered by the association is given to members.

They also organize

  • workshops,
  • meeting and
  • conferences

    which are held for educating members on the issues that affect the members.

    There is also a membership incentive program of products and services for those that become members in the association.

    The association has a website at

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