All American Asphalt

All American Asphalt company has been serving the Southern Californian market for over 40 years.

All American Asphalt is a major material production and construction company, with a total of 5 asphalt plants in Westminster, Corona, Irvine, Irwindale, and San Fernando.

The company also operates an aggregate producing facility in Corona.

Their main areas of delivery of construction materials is Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties.

The company has departments for grading, paving, concrete, and grinding and is equipped to provide service and workmanship in all of these areas.

As for asphalt operations, the asphalt plants are strategically placed throughout Southern California to provide a good coverage of some of the most important areas of economic activity in the state.

The strategic location of the plants and increased customer base have made All American a leading provider of hot mix asphalt paving materials in Southern California.

The asphalt product line is customized for each project based on local California specific factors that include climate, traffic conditions, and agency specifications.

Their facilities are all equipped to produce rubberized asphalt concrete.

Furthermore, the use of recycled materials is a major goal for their operations and each facility is outfitted with a State of California certified materials laboratory that utilizes statistical quality control methods in order to eliminate production defects.

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