Acrylic Asphalt Sealer Driveway

Acrylic asphalt sealer driveway is a great, cheap way to full asphalt surface protection.

Acrylic sealers are, in fact, water based products, and sold through many local hardware stores in 5 gallon buckets, for somewhere around $30 a piece.

Once you use acrylic sealing, you can expect the sealer to last for roughly 2 years, depending on many factors, including how trafficked the area is.

There are many pros for using an acrylic sealer. One is that the stuff is often mentioned as environmentally friendly and it is easy to apply.

As for easiness of applying, you can apply these sealers with several types of aides including a paint roller, thick broom, or a mop.

Once you get down to business, applying this stuff to the asphalt, it is important that you shake the product well before use.

This is because the protective agents settle to the bottom and the water remains at the top and you need to mix them up before use.

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